Making Leadership Count

Henry Rose Lee is a professional, supportive confidant empowering new leaders and committed to decluttering what’s going on to get to the crux of the real issues faster than anyone else. She does this using a totally different way of listening to what is being communicated.

She, and her associates, work with senior and new leaders in multinational corporations, global groups and national companies.

Here is some client feedback …

“Henry’s intellect and speed in taking in information and processing it is mind blowing. She also has the skill to then formulate and articulate. This then helps others to see a situation or issue more clearly so they can then act upon it. She is also one of the kindest and most generous hearted people I know”.

“Henry is great – she gets stuff very quickly – she is an amazing judge of character – incredibly discerning of people, their strengths and development areas. Henry is a great coach and has an incredible memory I’d like to see more new ideas from Henry – how can we mix it up and make learning more dynamic – maybe leveraging technology”.

“Keep doing what you are doing! Your ability to connect with people and help them navigate the business world and translate into simple terms is a real art, a gift. I can honestly say I do not think that one minute of time spent with you in a coaching session has not been useful in terms of my learning and personal growth”.

Mike Tobin, Managing Director, Green Tomato Cars

“Henry is without doubt the best business coach type person I have ever come across. Another level to the others I have worked with. I wouldn’t normally introduce someone so directly to a client of mine, but I really feel that if you are looking for anyone to try out in this field, at least have a conversation with Henry”.

Paul Grant, Commercial Director, Green Tomato Cars

“Henry Rose is hugely talented, generous and focused…. Committed to delivering best results for clients and colleagues alike… Collaborative and generous at all times…. One of the most creative people I know… A great role model! … Fabulous to work with… “

Looking for some quick gains? Here’s something you can put into practice right now …

  • #1 written by Deandra
    about 2 years ago

    Apatrenply this is what the esteemed Willis was talkin’ ’bout.

  • #2 written by como calcular credito presumido de icms
    about 2 years ago

    Marie>> kolla med Hovet/Globen om vad de tycker om AIKs publik. Vad jag har hört av dem så stämmer ditt resonemang med 99% ganska illa när det gäller AIKs hockeypublik. Kanske mer 75%-25%.

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